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“Friends of Mother Marie-Leonie”

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The group is composed of people who want to journey in their hope in God, inspired by the faith, trust, abandonment and ecclesial service lived by Blessed Marie-Leonie.
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A communication will be sent to you by mail or email on a quarterly basis. It will cover three months in order to support formation and progress through meditation on the Word of God and the spirituality of Mother Marie-Leonie.

This communication is also available monthly on the Friends page.

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About the group

Praying for the needs of the Church, especially for priests;
Praying and making Mother Marie-Leonie known;
Making a commitment in the Christian community, according to one’s possibilities.

What are the advantages of being part of this group?

  • to have a monthly follow-up, proposed by the Centre's staff, to help pray and deepen the Word of God;
  • to ensure the prayerful support of all the members of the group, in order to walk together in faith and apostolic mission;
  • to deepen the spirituality of Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis;
  • to receive the benefits of a mass every three months for the intentions of the Friends by the Institute of The Little Sisters of the Holy Family;
  • to guarantee daily prayer support by all the religious of the Institute of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family.