Mother Marie-Leonie
teacher and educator

At the age of fourteen, she entered the Marianite convent in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, the female branch of the Congregation of Holy Cross.  The founder, Father Basile Moreau, admitted her on August 22, 1857, to make her vows despite poor health.  She was named Sister Marie-de-Sainte-Leonie.

Photo of Mother Marie-Leonie in 1872 Photo of Mother Marie-Leonie in 1872

The attraction she had to support the ministry of priests made the path of obedience rather unexpected.  Until 1862, she taught in and around Montreal, then was sent to St. Vincent de Paul's Orphanage in New York for eight years.

In 1870, she chose to move to the American community of the Holy Cross Sisters in Indiana, with the hope of fulfilling her aspirations.

Photo of Mother Marie-Leonie
in 1872

While in Indiana, Sister Marie-de-Sainte-Leonie taught needlework and French at St. Mary’s Academy. Her desire of dedication to the clergy remained dormant, but her twelve-year stay in the United States allowed her to master English.

Marianites of Holy Cross Marianites of Holy Cross

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