To you who pray Blessed Marie-Léonie,

The year 2024 is already in our daily lives, and the same intentions preoccupy us as in previous years: peace in the world, welcoming and respecting differences, sharing with the less fortunate, justice and safeguarding the reputation of others. Since the raison d'être of our prayer group is to pray for priests, let's redouble our efforts to support them in their ministry. Let's participate according to our talents in parish gatherings, so that each Christian community is a place where all the above-mentioned values are lived out.

I found this reflection on the Internet that I'd like to share with you:

RESPECT is much more than a word. Respect cannot be pronounced; it must be demonstrated. Respect is sincerity, consistency and loyalty. It's looking at others as you would look at yourself, in the same way. If you've suffered and you know what that means, don't make others suffer. If you've been disappointed, don't disappoint. If you've been hurt, don't hurt...

It's a good reflection to extend during the Lenten season to actualize in each of our lives these values that will increase our self-esteem, change our view of others and make us like what Christ Jesus lived and taught.

In the holy season of Lent, let us stand in solidarity with Christ in the Pascal ascent. May Christ's resurrection be a light in our lives, giving us strength, courage, patience and self-sacrifice in our physical and moral health problems.

May the Risen Christ be our joy, our reason for living together.

  Rachel Lemieux, p.s.s.f.    November 2023       

 Important information

A major renovation project is underway at St. Michael’s Basilica-Cathedral. The entire interior is in need of repair and repainting, which will brighten up the Basilica-Cathedral.

As a result, the reception desk, the museum and access to Mother Marie-Leonie's shrine are currently closed until May 2024. I'll let you know at the next mailing whether the deadline has been met.

However, our office will be open from Monday to Friday inclusive, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., to take your calls and answer your letters by Internet and by mail.

For those who would like to make a donation, Mass offering or lamp, you can now do so in 3 ways.

  1. Online: with a credit card
  2. By Interact transfer
  3. In person: at the reception desk of the Centre Marie-Leonie Paradis in cash, debit or credit card.


Go to our website on this page:



- For mass fees and lamp offerings:

It is essential to e-mail us the details of your order and your intentions. Send to: centre.marie-leonie@videotron.ca

- For donations with tax receipt:

It is essential to e-mail us your full postal address, as for all donations received during the current year, we issue an annual tax receipt in February of the following year.

Send to: centre.marie-leonie@videotron.ca

Once you've sent us your e-mail with your requests, we'll send you the information you need to make the Interac transfer.

(no tax receipt, as the money does not stay at the Centre Marie-Leonie Paradis).

- Masses announced with their intention: $10

- Masses read with intention: $5

- Large lamp offering with intention: $5

- Small lamp offering with intention: $1

*The Centre Marie-Leonie Paradis sends the money for the Masses and the intention to missionary priests. It is impossible to have a mass celebrated on a fixed date.

*The Centre Marie-Leonie Paradis will light your lamp for you, along with your intention, at Saint-Michel’s Cathedral in Sherbrooke. The lamp will burn for 6 days or for one day (depending on the size) with Mother Marie-Leonie.

Rachel Lemieux, p.s.s.f.          November 2023

Bulletin no. 97                                                 December 2023, January, February 2024

"Peace be with you all; peace with God, with your neighbors and with yourself.!”
                                                                                                                                                                                      One Day's Thought #258

*** Favors communicated ***

Many favors received through Mother Marie-Leonie's intercession and she guides my life.                                              
A.P., Athol MA USA

A donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for healing my hip.
L.T., Bathurst NB

I prayed to Mother Marie-Leonie to put my son out of his misery and I was granted my wish.
H.A., Bouctouche NB

In gratitude to Mother Marie-Leonie for the healing of my daughter due to exhaustion at work as well as the healing of my son.
P.R., Bouctouche NB

Receive this gift to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for granting me complete healing following cancer surgery.
M.P., Carignan QC

A donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for the good results of my wife's cancer tests.                                                   
R.C., Cocagne NB

Mother Marie-Leonie, I have great confidence in you. Thank you for healing me from a severe stomach ache. Here is my gift.
G.L., Cocagne NB

Take this offering for a job I got. Thank you.
L.A., Dieppe NB

My husband had a sports car for sale and it wasn't selling. I asked Mother Marie-Leonie and everything was done within a week. Here's a donation to thank her.                                        
M.B. G., Dieppe NB

A thank you gift for a successful operation.
M.S.M., Drummondville QC

A donation promised to Mother Marie-Leonie for several favors obtained and for the success of my eye operation. Thank you.
J.R., Fatima QC

After having breast cancer 5 years ago, my mammogram shows no trace. Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie and her protection on the way to and from Orlando, Florida. Everything went smoothly.
G.S., Fort-Coulonge QC

Thankful for the healing of her daughter's Covid, her husband and family.
J.M.L., Gardner MA USA

A donation to Mother Marie-Leonie for my grandson's successful operation.
L.N., Gaspé QC*

Thank you for the healing of a young woman who was seriously ill.
L.M., Havre-Boucher NS*

Very grateful to Mother Marie-Leonie for my grandson who had his valuable bike stolen at school. Thanks to a camera, the thief was identified and returned the bike. Mother Marie-Leonie is always in my prayers and thoughts.
L.B., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the healing of my intestines.
Y.L., Havre-Saint-Pierre

I pray to Mother Marie-Leonie every day. All requests have been positive, including my sister's eye surgery and a boy's academic success.
D.D., La Prairie QC

With this almsgiving, I add a big thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie for an almost complete healing of two people.
J.B., Laval QC

A huge thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie, thanks to her I was able to make a decision that was difficult for me.
J.A.B., Lévis QC

A donation to say thank you because I underwent emergency surgery for a hernia that was blocking my intestine.
L.T., Lévis QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie who I asked to take away the excruciating pain in my right foot and it worked.
G.L., L'Étang-du-Nord QC

Thank you for being there, Mother Marie-Leonie, to help me cope with events outside my daily life and for the good medical results obtained.
S.N., L'Étang-du-Nord QC

Sincere thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for renting my apartment. I pray to her every day.
L.T., Lewiston ME USA

Having received the prayer to Mother Marie-Leonie, it takes up a lot of space in my heart. She has helped me move and found me what I was looking for. People who are ill have been helped by praying to her. She means a lot to me and I want to tell everyone about this wonderful woman.
M.L., Longueuil QC

I asked Mother Marie-Leonie to help me and she did because my doctor gave me good news.
D.M., Longueuil QC

A donation for my sister who had 3 months to live due to cancer. She underwent intensive chemo treatments and is currently doing very well.
M.R., Longueuil QC

Here is a gift to Mother Marie-Leonie following the good news I received from my doctor. I have a lot of confidence in her.
M.L., Memramcook NB

A gift in thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the good results of my husband's eye exam.
M.L., Memramcook NB

Thank you for a successful surgery. I often rely on Mother Marie-Leonie in my daily life and ask her to support me.
C.L., Montreal QC

Thank you for being able to sell my trailer before winter, which would have meant other expenses.
A.Mc., Ottawa ON

I'm sending a promised gift to Mother Marie-Leonie for a successful stomach check.
C.L., Princeville QC

Grateful by this gift promised to Mother Marie-Leonie for the protection of my daughter and her husband during their trip to Morocco and their son's trip to Florida.
I.L., Richibouctou Village NB

For the success of my thyroid operation and the healing of my Covid, sinuses and bronchial tubes.
L.M., Riverview NB

I’m sending you a donation for the healing of my sister who was ill. Also, for the fishing which was good. Thank you very much.
G.C., Saint-Antoine Nord

A promised donation following good results of my husband's cancer. Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie.
L. & M.R., Saint-Antoine NB

Mother Marie-Leonie thank you for the change in my daughter's behavior. Here is a gift for your help.
G.L. Saint-Antoine NB

An offering to say thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie for looking after my family and for a wonderful trip. I trust her and know that she watches over my whole family.
F.L., Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the success of my operation and here is my promised donation.
M.F., Saint-Constant QC

Thank you for my son who found a job and sold his house.
R.M., Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf QC

My husband had to make a decision that was very stressful for him. I asked Mother Marie-Leonie to enlighten him. When he returned, he was calm and happy to have decided the matter for the better. To thank her, I'm sending this gift.
S.B., Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC

I entrusted her with the rapid sale of my house, and if I sold it in a week, I would make her a donation. Mother Marie-Leonie answered my prayer and I am fulfilling my promise.
J.O., Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford QC*

I was hospitalized for a very rare bacterial infection. Mother Marie-Leonie was at my side and I was healed. Also, for the sale of an important product that I could not liquidate. Here's a donation.
G.B.R., Salaberry-de-Valleyfield QC

After his operation and therapy my husband is doing well. He fell and the X-rays showed that there was nothing broken. We prayed to Mother Marie-Leonie.
A.C., Scott LA USA

A thank you gift to Mother Marie-Leonie for the sale of my house.
R.L., Shawinigan QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the healing of my sister-in-law.
J.M., Shawinigan QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for protecting my daughter during her trip abroad and for taking care of us.
J. & T.G., Sherbrooke QC

A donation to Mother Marie-Leonie for my plane trip which went very well and for the improvement of a medical ailment. D.C., Shediac NB

Thank you for the sale of our house and the good health of the newborn and his mother.
J.C., Shediac NB

A donation to thank you because my husband found his wallet after 2 weeks.
J.L., Shediac NB

Thank you for my daughter who had health problems, I confided in Mother Marie-Leonie and all is well as she has returned to work; also, to protect my son in the army.
G.C., Tabusintac NB

I had a breast cancer check-up and the doctor noticed a small pimple. After 6 months I went back and there was nothing abnormal. Please accept this modest donation for Mother Marie-Leonie's intervention.
R. & M. l., Thetford Mines QC

Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie for the success of the cataract operation and for my health.
P. & L.C., Windsor QC

Good news for my husband whose tests showed no trace of cancer. I pray to Mother Marie-Leonie every day.
C.M., Winchendon MA USA***

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