To you who pray Blessed Marie-Leonie,

The theme of Advent 2021 is: “With him, hope again”. With this theme our year of prayer for peace to reign everywhere takes on its full meaning. We hope mainly for peace in Jesus Christ because everything is possible to God, the Master of hearts. Having peace in our heart, God wants our collaboration to radiate it around us. Let us pray and act to abolish all forms of violence.

O God, Father of all people, you ask us to bring love where the poor are humiliated, joy where the Church is weary, reconciliation where people are divided. Help us to be reconciled, the father with his son, the mother with her daughter, the husband with his wife, the believer with the one who cannot believe, the Christian with his Christian brother whom he does not love.

You open this way for us so that the wounded body of Jesus Christ, your Church, may be a leaven of communion for the poor of the earth and for the whole human family.

Bring peace to all our needs, to all suffering and to the world, so that Jesus the Prince of Peace may become incarnate at Christmas and every day in the year 2022.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

Rachel Lemieux, p.s.s.f.      November 2021   

Bulletin no. 88                                                         October, November, December 2021

               “Jesus came as a baby in the manger to teach us that the humble and the lowly are granted his favorite graces.”
                                                                                                                                                                                    A thought for each day #35

                                                                              *** Favors communicated ***

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for my grandson who found a job.
E.R. & C.C., Auburn MA USA

A donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for our move that went well and also for my husband who, after a stroke, is doing well.
L.B. & R.C., Beaumont QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie who helped my friend's daughter who has cancer.
A.J., Bouctouche NB

Thanks to our good Mother Marie-Leonie for protecting my family and me during this pandemic. For having accompanied me for many years, here is a well-deserved gift.
A.B., Beloeil QC

Always faithful to the prayers and novenas to Mother Marie-Leonie, I am answered. After 30 years, my daughter and her husband separated and she was able to buy a house.
M.C., Boucherville QC

Here is a donation for the success of my son's medical operation.
D.C., Candiac QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for always being there for me. I had a breakdown because my husband was placed in a residence. With the help of Mother Marie-Leonie and my doctor I am doing great. She also relieved my daughter-in-law's arthritis pain.
 S.N.O., Châteauguay QC

I promised a gift to Mother Marie-Leonie if my grandson who worked in Africa came back safe and sound and if my other grandson who is in the Armed Forces arrived safely in Ontario for a course. My prayers were heard.
A.L., Cocagne NB

Thanks for the prayers. My daughter received the vaccines and so has her family. She can work at home five hours a day. Our manager returned to work after a period of illness, she is fine but fragile.
M.D., Dieppe NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for granting me many favors; health, dental service and others.
A.L., Dieppe NB

A gift of thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for all that I have. I’m surrounded by a lovely family that is doing well.
L.L., Embrun ON

A gift in thanksgiving for the sale of my house and for the job I found. I give thanks for these achievements.
S.H., Fatima QC

In appreciation for my daughter's brain aneurysm surgery. Everything went well.
H.B., Granby QC

A donation in thanksgiving to Mother Marie-Leonie for the good results of my tests.
L.M.H., Grand-Digue NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for a granddaughter who found a job and another who bought a house.
J.B., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

A donation in thanks for the sale of a house and a trailer.
D.P., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for having found a daycare for my grandson.
M.R., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

A donation in thanksgiving for praying for my son who found a job.
D.G., Haute-Aboujagane NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the healing of my cancer with good results.
C.T., Hébertville QC

A promised gift for the sale of a snowblower.
S.F.B., Kingsey-Falls QC

Thank you for my brother-in-law who recovered quickly from two strokes with no major after-effects.
C.N., Laval QC

I was hospitalized for atrial fibrillation and with the prayers to Mother Marie-Leonie, I am doing better as well as my granddaughter who had heart surgery, she is doing very well.
M.N., Lévis QC

A donation in thanksgiving to Mother Marie-Leonie for the good results of medical tests.
L.L., Leominster MA USA

Mother Marie-Leonie worked very hard because she cured my son of cancer and a stroke. I am sending this donation in appreciation.
M.D., Longueuil QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie we had a great vacation.
M.P., Matane QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the success of my operation and the good results of medical tests as well as for my daughter who found a full-time job. Here is the promised donation.
S.G. & A.G., Memramcook NB

I asked Mother Marie-Leonie to help me sell my business and I promised this donation to thank her.
S-M.L., Memramcook NB

Thank you for praying for the healing of my ear and jaw pain, it is over.
C.R.C., Mirabel QC

I’m sending a gift for a successful operation, thank you.
C.C., Moncton NB

A donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie. After not going out for 3 years because I fell, I was hospitalized. Then I got shingles and with the prayers to Mother Marie-Leonie everything is fine now.
V.D., Montreal QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for answering my prayers because the unborn baby is fine and we had a safe 15-hour trip.
T.L., Norwich CT USA

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for answering my prayers as my son found a job and so has my daughter. My brother-in-law's eyes are fine and for the good health I have.
D.L., Notre-Dame NB

I had a serious operation and thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie I am back in good health. I promised her a gift.
A.D., Quebec QC

I always pray to Mother Marie-Leonie and I thank her for my daughter's job. Here is a donation.
C.M., Quebec QC

After the death of the father-in-law, the children had to place the mother-in-law in a residence because of her Alzheimer's. Despite the difficulty of leaving her home after 50 years, everything is going well. This donation is sent to thank Mother Marie-Leonie.
S.R., Quebec QC

Thank you Blessed Marie-Leonie for all that you do for my family. My daughter's health is fine and she just learned that she is pregnant, which is wonderful. I have my job back.
S.G., Richmond QC

I sold my house thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie and I send this gift.
N.R.T., Senneterre QC

I’m sending a donation for my grandson's recovery from Covid-19, he was able to start school again at the same time as the others.
G.L., Shawinigan QC

I promised a donation to Mother Marie-Leonie for favors obtained: the removal of my daughter's IUD, everything went well; for my end of the month which went well with good profits for the company and sharing with employees.
A.B., Sherbrooke QC

A miracle happened for my sister (two operations in the same day) for an aggressive cancer. When she went back to the doctor, the tests indicated that it was no longer aggressive. She does not need radiation or chemo.
G.B., Sherbrooke QC

I wish to say thank you for my brother-in-law who is completely healed of his leg filled with water which prevented him from walking.
J.D., Sherbrooke QC

We asked for prayers in a difficult situation and we were answered. Thank you.
Y. & C B., Shediac Bridge NB

A donation for prayers for a successful home purchase for a neighbor; for my cousin’s recovery from a health problem, also she sold her business during her illness.
P-A.B., Shediac Bridge NB

I’m sending a gift for receiving my disability pension. Many thanks.
D.L., Saint-Antoine NB

My daughter and her husband bought the house they wanted and my brother sold his car. Thank you.
B.M., Saint-Côme-de-Linière QC

Healing in the last month of a breast after praying four times a day. Thank you.
J.T., Saint-Constant QC

I’m sending this donation for my son who found his keys and my spouse sold his trailer.
M.R., Saint-Hubert QC

Heartfelt thanks for the prayers. We had a beautiful trip to the North Shore and are happy that God brought us together with our family. Every day I thank the Lord for being loved by brothers who care about my financial and emotional well-being.
D. & R. B., St Marc-des-Carrières QC

Thank you so much with a donation for my daughter who sold her house and we found an apartment for us.
L.A., Ste-Marie-de-Kent NB

Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie for the sale of my daughter's and her husband’s house. Thank you for our health.
A.A., Ste-Marie-de-Kent NB

A gift to Mother Marie-Leonie for inspiring me with the right words of encouragement for my grandson to continue his studies. He needed his grandmother whom he trusts.
T.St-Y., St-Maurice QC

A donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for the good results of my mammogram and for my exhausted son who has a cardiac arrhythmia disorder and who received good news from the cardiologist.
S.P., Ste-Ursule QC

Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie for saving my family from Covid-19.
R-M. B., Terrebonne QC

I promised to come and see her in Sherbrooke because I was worried about breast cancer, I prayed to her and was answered.
D.B., Thetford Mines QC

Thank you for selling my friend’s and his sister's house.
P.S., Toronto ON

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