Bulletin no. 82                                                                                   April, May, June 2020

“Let us have confidence in the great goodness and marvellous Providence of God, who will draw his glory from all those events.”
A thought for each day No. 177

***Favors communicated***

Thank you for the prayers. My granddaughter had surgery for scoliosis and I had knee surgery and everything is fine.
D. & P.M., Bathurst NB

Here is a donation for the success of my thyroid surgery, no cancer, no pain. Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie.
J.B., Bon-Conseil QC

Having caught influenza, my body was giving me pains of fatigue and exhaustion with a continuous cough and sore ribs. Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie and for the prayers because a few hours later I started to feel an improvement and it continues.
T.P., Bon-Conseil QC

A gift to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for the good results of medical tests.
Z.B., Bouctouche NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie because my daughter found a new job. I have great confidence in her and I pray to her every day.
A.L., Cap-Pelé NB

My son got his part time job from the same employer he worked for. He is very happy and thanks for the prayers.
M.G., Chicoutimi QC

A gift to Mother Marie-Leonie for the improvement of my health.
D.D., Cowansville QC

My husband lost his wallet and while praying to Mother Marie-Leonie he found it. Thank you.
N. & O.L., Dieppe NB

Thank you for the prayers because my grandson has been sober for a year and he works regularly.
J.L., Disraéli QC

My grandmother has always relied on Mother Marie-Leonie for the success of her grandson's studies and finding a job. She was answered. Thank you.
L.S., Disraéli QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie because a major vascular surgery on one leg was successful as planned. In addition to having cured me of an important cancer more than 27 years ago, she continues to be beneficial for me.
J.S., Drummondville QC

My friend underwent surgery to remove cancer from her intestine and the operation went very well. Thank you to the good Mother Marie-Leonie.
S.C., Fatima QC

A donation to Mother Marie-Leonie for my knee operation which was 80% successful.
M.D., Granby QC

Thanks to God and to the intercession of Mother Marie-Leonie for the return of my daughter and her boyfriend from France without difficulty.
M-S.B., Havre-aux-Maisons QC

My sister's one-eyed surgery was very successful. The exams of another sister and the scan of my son's lungs are good. Thank you.
J.B., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for all the graces obtained during my illness, for giving me strength and courage.
M-A.V., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

My daughter is happy to be back at work. I gave her a relic of Mother Marie-Leonie that she keeps with her. Thank you.
T.G., Hudson NH USA

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for my son's new job, he feels valued and happy.
E.T., Jonquière QC

I want to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for all the favors she obtained for us from God. If my grandson has made progress it is thanks to her because he speaks more, socializes. According to the speech therapist he is a year behind schedule. He is three and a half years old and starts kindergarten this year.
D.R., Kapuskasing ON

Thank you for my granddaughter who went back to class and is doing great in high school.
E.L.L., Laprairie QC

A sincere thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie for helping us sell our house in 2019 and finding our dream home in 2020.
Y.P., Laval QC

I promised a donation to Mother Marie-Leonie for my niece's operation and it was a success. She is returning to school.
J.B., Memramcook NB

Here is a gift to Mother Marie-Leonie for finding my purse that I lost. Thank you very much.
G.G., Memramcook NB

Thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie for my husband's good medical results.
L.B., Moncton NB

My sister had her surgery and everything went well. Thank you for the prayers.
N.G., Ottawa ON

Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie, my granddaughter passed her English exam. I have confidence in her.
P.M., Pont-Rouge QC

I thank the Lord and Mother Marie-Leonie because I almost died on a cruise. My travelling companion immediately called Telemedic and 2 doctors came to my rescue.
H.B., Quebec QC

We often pray to Mother Marie-Leonie and she helped us through many difficult times and we thank her.
H. & N.L., Quebec QC

Thank you so much to Mother Marie-Leonie for the sale of a house. She is very capable and always listens to us.
Y.N., Quebec QC

After I had a coronary angiography to check if the arteries are blocked, I got a good result because there are no blocked arteries. I am including a donation as promised.
A.O., Ripon QC

After meeting with my doctor during the day, I was operated on the same evening. The installation of a pacemaker went well but the next day there were difficulties but now everything is fine. Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie who is very good. She is a great saint.
A.B., Rivière-Verte QC

I am sending a donation as promised for an eye surgery that went very well. Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie.
J.G., Sept-Îles QC

My daughter was experiencing a conflict with her son and I asked Mother Marie-Leonie to make everything better and everything returned to normal. I am sending a gift in thanks. My daughter was to have an operation on her cervical spine and she have could stayed on the table, paralyzed and no longer speak. In the end the operation was 100% successful thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie Thank you.
R.D., Shawinigan QC

On December 17, I asked Mother Marie-Leonie to help us because the family was waiting for the results of the chemo on my son's grade 4 bone marrow cancer that had metastasized throughout his body. Miracle, on the same day we learned that there was no trace of cancer. What joy! We are grateful to Mother Marie-Leonie. Isn't it true that miracles exist for those who believe in them?
V.B.F., Shawinigan QC

Having had two diverticulitis I was afraid to have surgery. I prayed to Mother Marie-Leonie and didn't need surgery. When I have doubts that it will come back, when I have a stomach ache, I trust in Mother Marie-Leonie’s help and it goes away. She helped me in another case.
H.F., Shawinigan QC

Mother Marie-Leonie answered my prayer and I want to thank her. My great-grandson was operated on and when the doctors visited, they were happy with the results having thought that a second operation was necessary but everything is fine.
J.M., Shawinigan QC

My husband's friend's daughter received the bad news of pancreatic cancer. It was not certain that treatments and surgery could remove the cancer. My husband made a novena to Mother Marie-Leonie and we kept the faith until the day we received the news that she was completely cured. I was happy to go on a trip, the closer the date got, the more nervous I became. I made a novena to Mother Marie-Leonie to give me the courage to forget my insecurities and I made a lovely trip without any worries. My faith in her served me well.
P. & S.M., Shediac Bridge NB

In thanksgiving to Mother Marie-Leonie for healing my daughter's throat cancer. A.M., Sherbrooke QC*** I no longer have mouth sores. Mother Marie-Leonie healed me.
J.R.L., Sherbrooke QC

I received my money from the government thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie because I have a lot of confidence in her.
G.C., St-Antoine Nord NB

A donation in thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for our son who found a job.
M.L., St-David QC

I thank Mother Marie-Leonie for the recovery of my daughter who was injured in a serious accident.
R.N.L., Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the sale of our two houses.
M.L., Saint-Hyacinthe QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the support to my husband who had a throat biopsy, the result is excellent since he is cancer free.
C.G.R., Saint-Hyacinthe QC

My son was exhausted after 6 days of searching for a water leak. Urgently, I called the Centre at 3 p.m. to pray to find where it came from before 5 p.m. so that the city would not run out of water. I had prayed to Mother Marie-Leonie and had no answer, but with the prayers of the community, my son found it at 5:15 p.m. Thank you.

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