Painting Mother Marie Leonie Paradis

On September 11, 1984, Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis was beatified by Pope John Paul II at Jarry Park, Montreal, during his famous trip to Canada.

From that day on, her mortal remains belong to the Church.


during Pope John Paul II's trip to Canada, at Jarry Park, Montreal.


History of the Cause
of Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis

Mother Marie-Leonie, foundress of the Institute of The Little Sisters of the Holy Family, died on May 3, 1912, at the age of 72.  Her holiness was already recognized in her surroundings, both in Memramcook, NB, and Sherbrooke, QC.  Her fame remains alive among her beloved Acadians in New Brunswick, where she founded her Institute and worked until 1895, before settling in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

She was buried at Saint-Michel Cemetery in the city of Sherbrooke.  In 1935, her body was exhumed to mummify it and keep it in another coffin inside the Institute's General House.

All causes must have a postulator in Rome and a vice postulator in the field.

In 1952, work began on her beatification.
The Institute appoints Father Joseph Morabito, o.m.i., 1st Postulator 1952-1961
Father Angelo Mitri, o.m.i., 2nd Postulator 1962-1985 and Thérèse Gendron, p.s.s.f. 1969-2008 vice postulator.
Interim Postulators (Father Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i. 1985, and Father Marcel Martin 1985-1990)
Father James FitzPatrick, o.m.i., 3rd Postulator 1990-2001
Father Francis Santucci, o.m.i., 4th Postulator 2001-2006
Currently Dr Andrea Ambrosi, 5th Postulator 2011 and Rachel Lemieux, p.s.s.f. Vice Postulator, 2011.

In 1956, trials were held in three dioceses: Montreal, Moncton and Sherbrooke, to examine the cases of healing and review the one dating from 1912.

In 1968, the Apostolic Trial took place in Sherbrooke from March to June of that year.  In 1981, Rome declared the Servant of God Venerable and on February 7, 1984, the acceptance of Sister Saint-Sebastien's miracle made it possible to think about the realization of the beatification.  At this stage, an extensive biography must be published.

In 1984, the Beatification of Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis took place on September 11, during Pope John Paul II's trip to Canada, at Jarry Park, Montreal.

For the Canonization to take place, it is necessary to have another miracle after the beatification.
The Centre Marie-Leonie Paradis Office has collected hundreds of testimonies and has been particularly attentive to cases of healing.  Several were retained and further studied by the postulators.

For each case of healing, there is a process to follow:

  1. Have the testimony of the healed person or a witness
  2. Have his or her medical file
  3. Have the opinion of an expert doctor and two other doctors
  4. Notify the Bishop of the place where the healing occured
  5. Organize a diocesan tribunal by the local Bishop to receive testimonies from people who know about this healing
  6. Send to Rome to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints all the documents that this tribunal has produced.  Reports, medical files, testimonies, oaths and the final report of the Promoter of the faith.

For a case to be recognized as miraculous, the following must be found:

  1. The speed of healing
  2. No surgery and medication
  3. Having prayed only Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis

These documents must be translated into Italian for the team of doctors who must give their opinion and vote on the case.  A majority is required.  Then the second step, a team of Cardinals who study if the miracle is attributable to Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis and give their vote.  If the case is positive after these two steps, a document is presented to Pope Francis so that he can declare her a saint.