History of the mortal remains
of Marie-Leonie Paradis

Mother Marie-Leonie died in Sherbrooke on May 3, 1912, at the age of 72. She was buried in Saint-Michel cemetery in this city and exhumed in 1935.

Photo of the closed coffin of Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis

Photo of the closed coffin of
Mother Marie-Leonie Paradis

Following the exhumation, forensic doctors preserved her bones using the Egyptian method, covering them with wax and cloth strips. When finished it was dressed with her religious habit. Her skull was modeled in plaster covered with wax. The mortal remains were placed in this closed coffin until 1984.

After the beatification of September 11, 1984, the same site was transformed into an oratory since she could receive public worship.

Most Reverend Jean-Marie Fortier, Archbishop of Sherbrooke, blessed this oratory on December 11, 1985.

In 2017, the future sale of the general house at 1820 rue Galt Ouest necessitated the transfer of the relic of Blessed Marie-Leonie.  On May 31, 2017, the Institute of The Little Sisters of the Holy Family makes this precious gift to Archbishop Luc Cyr, who warmly welcomed it.  A large procession moved from 1820 rue Galt Ouest to 130 rue de la Cathédrale, at St. Michael’s Basilica-Cathedral, under police escort in front of a large and meditative crowd.

On December 10, 2017, under the altar of the southern transept of St. Michael’s Basilica-Cathedral, the relic containing the mortal remains of Mother Marie-Leonie was definitively installed in her reliquary and Archbishop Luc Cyr blessed it during the evening service of Vespers.

Every day, when the doors of the Basilica-Cathedral are open, it is to come and pray to her, and visit the museum, included in four alcoves, which commemorate her history and the Institute she founded, The Little Sisters of the Holy Family.


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