Bulletin no. 81                                                                  January, February, March 2020

“Your heart, Oh! Mary, is the refuge where my heart finds its resting place on earth.”
A thought for each day # 18

Favors communicated

A donation in appreciation for the sale of my house. I'm happy now that all is sold.
L.B.S., Ancienne-Lorette QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the good school results of my four little boys.
S.A., Baie de Bouctouche NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for my daughter who applied for a position as administrative technician at the Sûreté du Québec. I prayed to Mother Marie-Leonie for her to get this position and she was accepted.
M.G., Chicoutimi QC

My partner and I received our work promotions thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie.
J.C., Dieppe NB

Many thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for her precious help in curing my daughter's cancer. She is doing better and can work.
M.D.D., Dieppe NB

I thank Mother Marie-Leonie from the bottom of my heart for the quick sale of our all-terrain vehicle.
A.R., Dieppe NB

During his 38 radiotherapy treatments my husband kept the image of Mother Marie-Leonie with him and he was supported.
D.F.L., Disraéli QC

Thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie for answering my prayers during my husband's two operations. Everything is better now.
F.F., Edmundston NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie who helped me through a difficult ordeal. I have a lot of confidence in her.
L.L., Fatima QC

Thank you for giving me confidence and getting the job I wanted.
S.L.S., Greater Lakeburn NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for my son who did not lose his job even though it was expected and for my granddaughter who gave birth to a healthy boy even though the doctor predicted otherwise.
T.D., Granby QC

This donation is in gratitude to Mother Marie-Leonie for selling our house in a short period of time, we have found a house that brings us closer to our daughter.
C.R., Granby QC

Thank you for the purchase of a house for our son and his family.
E.D., Grande-Digue NB

A donation following a promise to Mother Marie-Leonie for the uncomplicated birth of our grandson.
N.B., Havre-aux-Maisons QC

I needed a babysitter to take a break and I didn't want to entrust my severely handicapped daughter to just anyone. I trusted Mother Marie-Leonie so much, I prayed to her with all my heart and everything worked out. My sister is coming home to take care of her.
H.V., Havre-Saint-Pierre QC

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for finding my car keys.
M.A., Lac-Mégantic QC

Thank you for protecting us during a trip to Europe.
J.L., L'Anse-Saint-Jean QC

A donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for taking care of financial records and helping us finalize the transactions.
P.V., Laval QC

With trust in God and Mother Marie-Leonie, the operation of a little girl was a success. After a month in the hospital, the parents are happy to see their child in good health. Thank you.
M.N. & N.C., Lévis QC

I thank Mother Marie-Leonie for protecting us as well as my children during their summer holidays. Thank you for the success of my son's exams.
J.R.R., Lévis QC

Here is a donation to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for my grandson’s graduation.
N.M.J., Mascouche QC

My grandson graduated from university and is working on what he studied. Thank you, Mother Marie-Leonie, for helping him and for my operation which went very well.
R. & J. C., Memramcook NB

Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie for my granddaughter who got her driver's license.
A.D., Memramcook NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for helping us sell a house that takes a lot of responsibility off our shoulders.
C. & E.G., Memramcook NB

I am sending a donation for my daughter-in-law who was caught under a big transport truck for an hour and thanks to my prayers to Mother Marie-Leonie she is well.
N.G., Memramcook NB

A promised offering for the protection of Mother Marie-Leonie during my trip with my sisters, all went well. Thank you.
A.L., Memramcook NB

A gift in gratitude for the sale of an old car and also the reconciliation of my son and daughter.
C.P.D., Mississauga ON

I prayed to Mother Marie-Leonie for financial help and I got it.
J-M.B., Montreal QC

Mother Marie-Leonie, thank you for protecting us during a big storm. I can always count on you. Thank you.
A.B., Moncton NB

I asked to pray for my financial situation to improve. It is not 100% but it is much better. Especially when I was in need, something happened as if by miracle.
H.L., Niagara Falls ON

A donation to say thank you for my son who got a job and sold his woodworking machine.
D.L., Notre-Dame NB

Thanks for the prayers for my son who had knee and foot pain. After a few weeks he was pain-free.
C.L., Nouvelle Ouest QC

Thanks to your prayers to Mother Marie-Leonie, my grandson changed schools and he is much better. Because of a minor learning difficulty, being in a small class is ideal for him, even his self-esteem has improved.
S.C.M., Ottawa ON

Through prayers to Mother Marie-Leonie for my grandson who had problems, he was understood. He got an appointment at the hospital for a check-up.
J.G.D., Ottawa ON

Thanks for the sale of a house, for being able to visit my niece in Toronto and helping my son during his illness, now he is making a lot of progress.
C.D., Petit Cap NB

My daughter put her house up for sale in January and by June it was not yet sold. I told my daughter about Mother Marie-Leonie and we asked her to sell the house. We put her picture in the kitchen window and within a month the house was sold. We thank her.
L.M., Pont-Rouge QC

Thanks to my dear Mother Marie-Leonie for healing my earache and the pain in my head. After praying to her before going to bed, the next morning everything was gone.
S.A., Quebec QC

Thank you for my son who got a job as a policeman.
O.B., Quebec QC

Thank you to Mother Marie-Leonie for my son who found a job.
J.G., Sept-Iles QC

I promised a donation if I had good results from my medical exam and everything was fine. I have great confidence in Mother Marie-Leonie.
H.T., Shawinigan QC

I asked for courage, confidence and serenity to face my hysterectomy operation. Mother Marie-Leonie answered me, the operation was a success.
D.D., Sherbrooke QC

I thank Mother Marie-Leonie for the safe birth of a baby and for my daughters who came back from their trip. Everything went well.
J.R., Sherbrooke QC

Thank you Mother Marie-Leonie for my brother's open-heart surgery which was a success.
L.S., Shediac NB

I lost my cell phone and found it after praying to Mother Marie-Leonie.
F.A., Shediac Bridge NB

Gratitude for selling my friend's business, it allowed him to retire from his work.
D.B., Shediac Bridge NB

We sold our house, but we did not have an apartment. With prayers to Mother Marie-Leonie, the next day we found an apartment and a week later we found a better one.
G.M., Shediac River NB

Thanks to Mother Marie-Leonie for the operation on my husband's eyes which are much better.
A.C., Scott LA USA

I would like to thank Mother Marie-Leonie for our son and daughter-in-law who returned safely from the far North.
L. St-O., Auw Switzerland

My brother kept his business and a friend came to work for him. I kept my position at the cash register and found a lost file.
B.M., St-Côme-de-Linière QC

My mother had a lot of pain in her legs. She asked Mother Marie-Leonie for relief and she got it.
J.T., St-Constant QC

A donation for protecting us from illness and accidents. She is our protector and we trust her.
Y.M.L., Ste-Croix QC

Thank you for the good results of my husband's medical exams and her help in handling my daughter's braces. Recently, my husband had a kidney stone. He was in excruciating pain. After praying to Mother Marie-Leonie, the stone came out naturally and the pain stopped.
N.C., St-Eustache QC

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